Corporate Biscuits: Palmer's

Bespoke Biscuits Palmers

The iconic beauty brand Palmer’s is celebrating it’s 175th anniversary, and we have collaborated with them recreating their popular Palmer’s Cocoa Butter in a Biscuit.

Bespoke Biscuits Palmers

All biscuits were hand-iced in white and covered with rice edible paper printed with the bottle sticker. The idea was to achieve a retro chick look to be in line with the brand’s 175th anniversary celebration campaign.

Bespoke Biscuits Palmers

Palmer’s launched their first product in 1840 and their popular Palmer’s Cocoa Butter in 1975. Since then, they’ve achieved over 100 Beauty awards and the brand has now a global presence in over 110 countries.

From Sirope de Fresa’s team we wish Palmer’s a happy anniversary! For many more years being UK’s Favourite Cocoa Butter Brand.


Corporate Biscuits Palmers

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