Chestnuts Market

Chestnuts Market

A couple of weekends ago we started selling our decorated biscuits at Chestnuts Market, a new market in Haringey, N15, every Sunday from 11am to 3pm.

The market takes place at Chestnuts Primary School just opposite to Chestnuts Park. The first day we had a blast, we were quite nervous, we did not know what to expect, as it was a last minute decision, we agreed that we will be at the market the Wednesday before the market.

Chestnuts Market

We then rush to get everything done in 3 days. We arrived way too early, so we had plenty of time to set up our table and get ready for the market. The weather previsions weren’t great, but we were lucky and it was sunny most of the day.

Chestnuts Market

People started arriving early to the market, the space became full of families having lunch and kids playing in the playground. The biscuits had a great acceptance amongst the visitors and we had many requests. The experience was great, so we decided to give it a go and be there every Sunday.

Last Sunday we were not that lucky, it was raining and very windy; even though the awful weather, some really nice people made it down to the market and we ended up having fun.

We are now getting ready for our third day at the market! We are bringing loads of Easter Chicks, Easter Bunnies and Easter Eggs, plus other fun and delicious biscuits.

Chestnuts Market

From 12pm the Market has organised an Easter Egg Hunt in ‘Chestnuts Secret Garden’ with prices to be won. We are sure kids will love it and everyone will have loads of fun.

We hope to see you all there celebrating Easter with us.


Chesnuts Market

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